Beer in my Belly

Style: Double/Imperial IPA

8.5% ABV

85 IBU’s

From: Holyoke, MA

Brewer’s Note: “People pay homage in many ways. Some build statues or create holidays to commemorate those who they respect greatly. We don’t have that sort of pull with the international calendar federation, plus we’re low on cement so we made a beer.  Salute is our way of tipping our caps to Samuel Adamsand their Hop Sharing Program.  Without their generosity, we wouldn’t have been able to make the beer you’re holding. So you’d just be standing here empty handed, which is the worst kind of thing.  Especially considering that we think this beer is good enough to make you laugh, cry, and then feel weird because you’re laughing and crying by yourself. But I digress… What I’m getting at is that while it’s one thing to say you support small business, it’s quite another to actually do it. And…

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