“What a great idea! I’ll make two batches of beer at the same time and have plenty for the summer!”

Well it seemed a great idea until Friday night when I had to bottle both 20l batches and finished up at 1am!

These are both in an American Amber Ale style, single hopped so i can learn about their individual characteristics.

Taste tests of both batches show promise, so fingers crossed I’ve gotten things right. The Columbus batch seems to have hit numbers to give 5.4% abv and Citra is around the 4.8% mark. Not sure why there is such a difference considering I used the same method for both brews.

Yesterday I picked up 4 beer crates from Luvians bottle shop of St Andrews, so the whole lot is now “cellared” in a cupboard in the middle of the house. I’m going to give them at least a couple…

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