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All in then on a Geek Coconut Porter- Brewed by Geek Beer in the style of a  Porter and they weave this magic in Windy Wellington, New Zealand

Never had a Geek beer – but couldn’t pass this one up. A 330ml bottle of a 6% ABV beer (1.6 Standard drinks), and at 30IBU this isn’t going to be too challenging middle range bitter.

Geek - Coconut PorterGeek Coconut Porter is a dark robust porter with a depth of flavour created from a wide range of carefully selected malts with the addition of toasted coconut. The intriguing aroma and rich chocolate flavour makes for a truly delicious beer. You could even say it’s Geekalicious.

Aroma on opening of desiccated coconut and of chocolate, it’s like confectionery.

Dark pour, no head, not even a hint of one, it’s almost dead flat calm, even though I know I could hear carbonation a happening. The Aroma remains a…

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