Cut the Kitsch


As a child, I never held whimsical fantasies of Cinderella. It was just another childhood tale to me. Yet, arriving to Bruges by train from Brussels, I felt like a few whimsical fantasies took flight.

In this post, I’m going to let my incessant photo snapping tell the story.


I visited during the winter holidays. The brisk air pierced through my layers like locals had warned, but on a rented bicycle, the continuous canals create enough distraction. And, if you’re like me, constant photo-op.s for stopping. For a decidedly small city, bewitching Bruges is famous for much. If you visit, you’ll see a few reoccurring themes: lace, chocolate and beer. All being artisanal, beautiful and as for the latter two, a work of delicious art.


Oh, and there are windmills too, of course.


If I could, I’d love to go back!

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