Brew: Dark Depths

Brewery: Boston Beer Company

Style: Baltic India Pale Ale

ABV: 7.6%

Tasting Notes:  A brief summary of what exactly this beer brings to the table in terms of  being a hybrid style. Dark Depths is a cross between a Baltic style porter and an India Pale Ale. The Baltic side of this beer is represented by the slightly higher alcohol along with a darker mildly sweet malt bill, that combined with a blend of over 6 different American, German, English and Australian hops bring a respectably complex bouquet of aromas and bitterness to flesh out the IPA side of things. This brew pours an exceptionally dark brown with some deep ruby highlights peeking around the edge of the glass. The head was around half a finger of tan colored deliciousness that dissipates after a few sips. The nose has a great malt body to it with some caramel and espresso notes followed by a hint of hops. The texture of this beer is medium leaning more towards the heavy with the carbonation falling squarely into the medium range. As far as the sip goes it starts with the malts leading a delicious charge full of roast with hints of chocolate and espresso along with just a touch of caramel. The hops are an undercurrent thru out the first half of the sip and then start to come into their own about half way leading straight to a bitter and slightly dry finish that has some lingering espresso and bitterness. Our hats are off to the folks that keep pushing the “norm” and thinking outside the box to come up with new awesome style ideas everyday! ~Cheers~

Rating: 3.75 Hats