Sam Adams Tasman

Brew: Tasman Red

Brewery: Boston Beer Company

Style: Red India Pale Ale

ABV: 6.5%

Tasting Notes: This Brew gets its namesake from the Tasmanian Hops that lend a bold grapefruit and pine flavor profile to this rustic beer. The Tasman Red pours a golden ruby color with reddish brown highlights and finger thick off white head that sticks around for a few sips to see how things turn out. The nose is really bold and hop forward with strong citrus notes along side some spice and a few oak tannins. This being said the sip goes just the other way around starting out with the malts carried mostly by a slight grainy flavor and some caramel notes the hops start to shine thru halfway into the sip putting some awesome citrus and pine hits in, finishing with a slight linger of bitter to make you want to take the next sip.


Rating: 3.5 Hats