Beer Photo CPA

I got a new lens yesterday so this was a great opportunity to try it out. I’d been waiting for the right time to try the Dayman, as I’d heard mostly good things about it but some reviews left drinkers “confused” about what kind of beer this is.

(c) 2013 m. diamond photo

It poured about a finger of head in my Stone IRS tulip glass, which has no nucleation point. I purposely used a glass without a nucleation point so I wouldn’t get overwhelming hoppiness. If you didn’t know, many glasses are designed with laser etching at the bottom of the glass to encourage head retention and increase the aromatics. The brew smells like an IPA but tastes like a cup of coffee, so I wanted to balance the IPA with the coffee. This was a great collaboration, and while I haven’t gotten far enough in “Always Sunny” to get the reference, I definitely…

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