All In Good Taste


Meanderer (M) has kicked off this new food and drink blog of our’s by tasting my favourite beer – Duvel, from Belgium –here .  Now I’m going to taste her favourite beer, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – at room temperature, to fully get the flavours.

I must start by saying that my hopes for these two tastings, which are M’s brainchild, were not high.  I didn’t think that either of us would like the other’s tipple – but I’m wrong – M likes Duvel, and so now what about this stout?

Well it looks good in the glass, very dark with a nice head – just as a stout should be.  And it smells inviting – and there’s definitely chocolate in there!

But chocolate???  I like stouts and they often do taste of chocolate and coffee, but this one threatens to be very much so.  I tried some Bateman’s…

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