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Achel Blond Trappist BeerStyle: Tripel

ABV: 8%

Achel have very simple labels, continuing the bare theme which we saw in the Westvleteren yesterday. The beer is meant to do the talking, and dressing it up in superfluous artwork would be contrary to the Trappist way. Trappist beers are simple, elegant and come with a reputation for straight-to-the point class.

The difference between the Blond and the Bruin is subtle: the blonde has a white cap whereas the bruin has a sort of gold crown; the blond has a white border on the label whereas the bruin has a dark brown line around the beige label; and finally, the word difference is noted in words in the top corners of the label, with “Blond Bier/Bier Blonde” appearing on the blond, obviously, and “Briun Bier/Bier Bruine” appearing on it’s  darker sibling.

The Achel label features the words “Trappist Achel” on a minimal fuss logo, on…

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