Kilts Kittens and Sci-fi

photo-4After a few Trader Joe’s budget beers, I like to kick back with a good IPA. Experience tells me that weird tinge of copper I pick up in damn near everything is how my palate translates certain varieties of hops. It may appear I am a member of the cult of malts but truth be told I got into beer through a hop head and love me some IPA. Thing is I want it done well and save myself for a Heady Topper, Hill Farmstead goodie, or Julius. This is where Flower Power comes in.

Beer Advocates will tell you the recipe changes year to year. My theory on that is their liking of something that sucked to them but had high ratings was so academic or forced it threw their taste buds out of whack. Fortunately for me, I care more about being honest to myself than fitting in…

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