IMG_3665I poured this beer with a tick head, It dissipated slowly. This beer is so dark it resembles a stout. It is real black with a deep red tint. The head is a light brown color.

The smell of this beer is of a Bohemian but with roasty notes like that of a stout.

Now this is an interesting lager, In the past the lagers I have tasted, other then bohemian lagers, I have not cared enough for. This beer I dont think this classifies as a bohemian. It is more of a stout tasting beer, being it has roasted barley flavors to it. But at the same time there is a nice clean flavor to it as well. The malt is a fairly complex taste to it, I do taste hints of “normal” Bohemian flavor to it. The hops taste like they are more traditional hops. The hops are…

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