Brew Brahs

BrewerBeyond the Pale Brewing Company
Brewed in: Ottawa, ON
Percentage: 9.3%
FoundBeyond the Pale Brewing Company


My last of the BTP bourbon four pack. Though the journey has been wonderful, I will miss these four friends I will be leaving behind. To recap, we’ve already enjoyed the company of the following:

Imperial Super Guy
The Darkerness
Make’r Dark

This super brew pours swamp-water murky with a brown/copper/orange (my favourite colour!) undertone – Gators would excel in the habitat of my pint glass. The head is weak and flees quickly. I was treated with sharp floral hops as I opened the bottle, while in the glass the nose has been mellowed by sweet alcohol with an almost a candy aroma. Super smooth as I take a sip. The alcohol builds through the finish and lingers bitter. It’s a potent brew that doesn’t shy away from…

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