Complete Amateurs Reviewing Beers


J: Guest Reviewer Jason
N: Guest Reviewer Nathan
Josh: guest reviewer Josh


Pabst: Blue Ribbon
A: 2.25
R: 1 mmm… Draft?
J: 3 a good classic larger. Nice piss after taste
N: 3
It has a lot if history

Dutchesse: Belgium Sour
A: 1.5 Terrible
R: 0.5 Cider draft? Starting to realise how good Isabelle was.
J: 1.5 I don’t like it, kinda tastes rotten
N: 3 doesn’t taste like much

Death & Taxes
A: 3.75
R: 4.5 chocolate coffee. Tasted it earlier and wanted it again.
J: 4.2
N: 3

Centenario: Pilsener
A: 1.75
R: 1
J: 2 Central America
N: 2.5
R: 3.5
Josh: 4

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