Gnarly Brew

AtwaterStoutVSThirstyDogStoutYes, it is 4:00 in the afternoon and yes, I am double fisting two different imperial stouts.

Now you might find yourself thinking  “damn, this dude has a fucking problem”, but I’ve got to tell you, dickhead…. you have never been more wrong.  I woke up this morning with a plan and that plan completely justifies my day drinking. Upon waking from my glorious slumber I realized that I was going to consume Atwater Brewery‘s VJ Black Imperial Stout and Thirsty Dog Brewery‘s Siberian Night Imperial Stout simultaneously, with one goal in mind: to figure out which would reign supreme in an epic daytime battle.  “Why?”, might you ask.  Because I haven’t got a damned thing better to do, that’s why.

From the first whiff, I realized that this gnarly battle was off to an epic start with both brews having a triumphant aroma.  I have to give…

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