Dark Maas

Brew: Dark Maas

Brewery: Community Beer Works

Style: Belgian Amber Ale

ABV: 5.1%

Tasting Notes:  Since I had limited funds I decided to scoop up the other seasonal brew on my visit to CBW and save the very solid year round line up for my return trip some time in the very near future! Moving right along, this brew pours exceptionally dark mahogany and only allows for a few slivers of ruby colored highlights to shine thru. The head is about a finger thick and off white in color. This beer has a very subtle nose comprised of roast, chocolate, dark fruits and a hint of spice at the very end, to say the least my interest was very peaked. Overall the mouth feel was a little heavier then I had thought it would be and the carbonation was right about in the medium range. As with a lot of craft beers that Ive sampled over the years the flavor profile almost followed the aroma line for line. The sip starts out with a subdued taste of roast that is bittersweet and borderlines on chocolate that leads into some really fantastic sweet dark fruit flavors. The finish wraps up with a nice waft of spice which hits a very abrupt wall of bitterness that stayed with me long after the sip was finished. On the whole we found this beer to be very rich and complex. The blending of roasty bitterness, caramel, Belgian style dark fruit and spice makes for a very solid brew in my opinion, yet I found the bitterness a little over powering in the finish and felt like it left the flavor in a state of confusion. That was also what hurt the sessionability of this beer since once the bitterness took over for the other flavors it lingered on my palate for just a bit to long. As far as putting a Belgian twist on an Amber Ale this beer is a very solid effort and pretty enjoyable. Our hats are off to the crew over at Community Beer Works for going off the beaten path and introducing us to a very unique brew!  *Cheers*

Rating: 3.25 Hats