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Brew: Rutherford B. Haze

Brewery: Community Beer Works

Style: Belgian Pale Ale with Wheat

ABV: 5.4%

Tasting Notes: This brew comes to us by way of a fresh growler filled by none other then one of CBW’s owner/ operators Mr. Ethan Cox of Craft Beer Talk fame! Given that Buffalo is about an hour drive I sadly don’t find my way out there as often as I’d wish for both CBW and any number of other craft beer and non-craft beer related activities. Lucky for us I happen to have a dentist appointment and a GPS to point out the fact that I was only eight short miles from CBW and a fresh pour of some delicious craft beers! All that aside there is a brew here that despite my overly active imagination isn’t going to review itself….slacker. So this beer pours a hazy straw color and has a very pleasant clean white head on it. The nose is mostly a one hit wonder with varying degrees of citrus and lemon zest coming from the Slovenian hops alongside a faint trace of wheat and spice poking around  in the background.  As far as a summer seasonals go and wheat beers in general one usually expects lighter mouth feel and some bubbly carbonation, so with this in mind once I took my first sip of this delectable brew I was blown away by just how light the mouth feel was and how the carbonation causes the flavors to practically explode on your tongue! Especially with a fairly run of the mill ABV of 5.4 our hats are defiantly off to Ethan and the crew for managing to brew up what is in our humble opinion one of the lightest beer we have come across in terms of viscosity.  As far as flavors go this beer is a pretty one dimensional experience with the citrus stealing the show. From start to finish the sip is a non stop barrage of awesome bright lemon zest that is joined on stage towards the finish by the wheat malt and a delicate spice from the Trappist yeast that rounds out the bill nicely! So in closing this is by far one of the most sessionable brews we’ve come across to date. As far as appearances go this beer is incredibly hazy, which to any mildly traveled craft beer enthusiast doesn’t detract from the quality of this brew at all. On that same note I fear that to any one who is dabbling or just riding the fence as far as diving into the deep end of the beer world might mistake the haziness as a flaw, instead of a sign that they are getting the brew in its most natural and delicious state!  As a side note, the simplicity of this beer really helped it achieve its warm weather compatibility. In my opinion if they took this brew and up the ante a bit this could even be a great IPA, as a inexperienced home brewer I know its not just that easy to swap things around but just a thought.  So if you ever find yourself planning on doing any warm weather activities in or around the Buffalo, NY area and would love to have a perfectly thirst quenching craft beer to go with it then stop into Community Beer Works located at 15 Lafayette and grab a couple fresh growlers while supplies last!  -Cheers

Rating: 4.5 Hats