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Peralta Porter – Santa Clara Valley I have been really into the Santa Clara Valley brewing company. This is their second beer released. They are a new brewery and I have been happy with their releases. I wrote a blog post about their first beer the Electric tower IPA.

Santa Clara Valley brewing is using local history to name their beers. The Peralta Porter is named after the Peralta Adobe which is the oldest building in San Jose California dating back to 1797 and is names after Luis Maria Peralta.

The beer: ABV 6.1% Black liquid with the whitehead but not much of a head. Very thin lacing but washes away quickly. The scent is of cream and prunes. Taste is a strong burnt malts but not over powering a sours strong send Spicy. It has low carbonation and smooth, It is a lighter thiner liquid then I thought. 4…

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