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Brew: Little White Rye

Brewery: Boston Beer Company

Style: Rye Witbier

ABV: 5.3%

Tasting Notes: This beer pours a hazy pale orange color with gold highlights and a half finger white head. The malted rye comes through exceptionally well in the nose alongside a healthy dose of orange peel and coriander as is traditional with a witbier. The mouth feel stood out to me as being almost “creamy” in nature which is I’m assuming just an indication of a very solid balance between the attenuation and the carbonation which was just a little above average helping to push forward some of the more spicy characteristics of the beer. The sip starts out a bit grainy with the rye and wheat flavors starting things up and then quickly blending into the very smooth floral notes of the Noble Hops. The finish has a couple of different tastes alongside the zesty orange and coriander which I would attribute to the beer having been aged for two weeks on dried sage lending a slightly different floral note at the end as well as in the nose. Despite a slightly  strong/ spicy finish this beer doesn’t really linger which helps lend to a great sessionability! -Cheers

Rating: 3.75 Hats