Como Sur

By: Ben Wood

Santiago’s beer scene has come a long way since my first trip here in 2004, now with over 70 breweries in operation, ranging from licensed basement-homebrew setups to the standard corporate giants of the industry, Chilean brewing is growing quickly. Of course, more and more bars and restaurants are jumping on board to support smaller breweries and many establishments now offer at least a handful of “artesanales” and imports, and a few of them, even more.

Here’s a quick rundown of my favorite beer spots in the city, in no particular order.

Amadeus Pizza:
Looking to do some Saturday afternoon drinking after an otherwise productive day in the park? Amadeus, is your best bet, a corner pizza shop and café right across from the bustling Parque Bustamante. Outdoor sidewalk seating provides some fantastic people-watching opportunities, and to boot, some of the best pizza in Santiago. Amadeus only…

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