Dan Spira

An excellent message, paired with an excellent brand, washed down with a very fine beverage:

(ht MichaëllaE-K)

A person’s values show up in their decisions more so than their words.

Words, at best, reveal a person’s self-concept… but more usually, words simply reveal the communicator’s desired message.

Guinness-Mat-CannesAs more people become more skilled communicators — more adept in their ability to pivot, spin and weave their ideas persuasively — we as observers require more reliable indicators of their true motivations.

How a person spends their time and money (and who they spend it with) often tells us more than their words.

As a self-improvement approach: The stories you tell yourself about yourself are one thing.  Your actual daily decisions are something else entirely. Examine and compare the two — your stories vs. your decisions. Wherever there is a misalignment, there may be an opportunity for you to improve those stories… and/or…

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