Beer Pressure

Midas Touch

“Handcrafted Ancient Ale”

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

ABV 9%

Cost: $14 for a four pack (It’s worth it)

Nose: Fancy grapes and saffron

Has a smooth refreshing taste consisting of barley, honey, white muscat grapes and saffron (Yes you can actually taste all of those). Leaves a wine like after taste.

Aaron: Its recipe is derived from the residue of a pot within Midas’ tomb. If that’s legit, then holy crap, other breweries need to step their shit up. Felt like I was drinking something fancy. Ended up having two of them, would buy again. 8.5/10

Ben: King Midas’ tomb may not have been packed with goldified objects, but the patron saint of greed certainly balled out by brewing saffron, the gold of spices, in his beer. Not clear if the saffron comes out in the flavor, but the color of the beer is stained bright yellow like…

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