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What makes for a good beer ad? Plenty of hot women, slow motion shots of the beer being poured into an ice-cold mug, and possibly a winning smile from the main lead as he takes a satisfying swig from the mug.

Vintage Beer Ad

The winning formula for beer ads since… forever.

But sometimes, the marketing guys behind beer brands decide to throw this time-tested approach right out the window. Who needs product shots and hot women? These guys would rather have psychopathic axe murderers and strange, hypnotic dancing in their ads. Here are three of the most bizarre beer ads that have ever graced our television screens.


Here we have a brand new beer from Flying Dog Brewery, the Wildeman Farmhouse IPA. Now, by watching the video alone, all you would have known is that there’s a wandering axe murderer somewhere out there in the woods where a voice from his television…

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