Alcohol And Aphorisms

Hazleburn CV

Hazelburn CV (Scottish Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky: No age statement: 46%)

Visual: Banana gold.

Viscosity: Very slow puckering.

Nose: Stewed banana. Grain fields. Honey. Some alcohol prickle. Water emphasizes grain fields and brings out lime.

Body: Banana. Honey. Lime. Very smooth texture. Some alcohol feel. Moderate oak and charring. Custard. Much more honeyed with water. Light grassy character. Beef slices at back.

Finish: Lime. Digestives. Alcohol feel. Custard. Honey comes out with water along with some milky chocolate Light beef crisps and beef slices. Grassy. Toffee. Paprika.

Conclusion: So, Springbank without the peat? How does that work? Very smoothly as it turns out. The texture is light and slick, there is some alcohol presence but it is easy dimmed with but a little water. The flavours are very smooth and sweet with lots of honey and a touch of custard. Simply relaxing.

What is interesting is that it turns out…

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